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Winning Factors

From shell buildings for Starbucks to high-rise buildings (Phase 1 of Carmel City Center); from commercial offices to single family homes; from industrial to educational; to religious, healthcare, hospitality, multi-family housing, and more - these buildings across Indiana and surrounding states bear the hallmark engineering services provided by John Oberlies Consulting Engineers.
Word-of-mouth recommendations have fostered expansion to our current team of 10 highly efficient and tightly integrated professionals. Because we pride ourselves on timely and state-of-the-art responses to customer needs, we focus on ongoing process improvements. (We recently further streamlined internal scheduling and project coordination!) Our commitment to continual learning, a strong environmental thrust, and a thirst for project diversity - those factors all mean that few customers will find us lacking in relevant experience or unprepared to tackle a new and unique challenge.
Few engineering companies can rival our unique blend of expertise and personalized service. The executive management team, which monitors the pulse of every project, includes owners Sam Hurt (30 years experience) and John Lowe (15 years experience).


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